Gotta pay dem bills

I know right. Gotta turn a buck.

Lucky for me, I’m versatile. Like a loose-limbed eel. I can do lots of things. For example:

  1. Feature Journalism. I know stuff. Travel, wine-making, science, whatever. And if I don’t I can find out and make it zing. When the print date looms and you’re three articles short, I’m your man. If I get a quiet couple of seconds and a half-bottle of beaujolais I will upload some examples, but in the meantime, immerse yourself in my posts.
  2. Editing. It can be hard to get enough distance from one’s own work to be impartial. Let me take a red pen and be brutal. I’ll give it to you straight.
  3. Ghost writing. If you’ve got something to say, but need a word-smith.
  4. Blog Posts. Need a lazy 600 words but have no time to write it? Call me, bro.
  5. Assessment. Perfect for the Year 12 major works. I know I can’t guarantee you’ll get better marks, but confidentially, I guarantee better marks.


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